Orchard Hospitality Pvt Ltd

“This wonderfully evocative land with its timeless scope encompasses and enthralls…beautifully blending the transient with the sublime; and creating individual memories that linger long after the eddying swirl of desert dust is but a speck in the rearview of our thoughts. Departures presage arrivals but it is our focus to make the in-between matter. As […]

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Aaram Baagh Pushkar

“Yatto Dharma Stato Jai”, which means that “True victory always follows if you are on the path of Dharma”, is the business philosophy and motto of the Pachar Group. Keeping this principle in mind the erstwhile royal family of Pachar started business in the year 1982. With a philosophy that the true victory always follows, […]

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green house resorts pushkar

The Greenhouse Resort

The Greenhouse is a luxurious boutique resort in the holy town of Pushkar. Located just ten minutes drive away from the city centre of Pushkar. The Greenhouse Resort is the perfect base to explore one of India’s most exotic and vibrant city-Pushkar With a majestic location & spectacular view of hills, Greenhouse pampers its guests […]

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ananta-spa-and-resort-pushkar-hotel-big-img4 (1)

Ananta Spa and Resorts Pushkar

Ananta Resort – Luxuriant And Calm Ambiance To Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body & Soul Ananta, The sprawling 9 acres luxury spa resort, of Pushkar – home to the only temple in the world of Lord Brahma – the Hindu God of Creation.Somewhere along the crowded, busy and challenging oasis of life, there lies this sanctuary […]

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